[KOREAN fried chicken the easy way]

I bought this from a recent trip to the supermarket.

Since my girls would always order the Korean-style fried chicken in Bonchon, I thought of making this at home during one of our Sunday lunches. And I did just that yesterday with our manang's help.

This pack comes with a batter mix & soy garlic sauce. All you need is a half-kilo of chicken cut-ups. 

combine the batter mix
with 1/4 cup water
coat your chicken
with this marinade 
cover & store in your ref 
for 15 minutes or so
deep fry the chicken then place them
on a table napkin-lined dish
to absorb the oiliness
pour the sauce over the fried chicken pieces,
 making sure to coat each piece well

We also had sauteed tofu cubes & 'alugbati' (native spinach), to balance out the savory fried chicken dish.

Using this pack makes for an easy-breezy, time-saving way to do the Korean-style fried chicken. But I am still all for doing everything from scratch. Nothing beats cooking the traditional way. And I will recreate the dish using the recipe which Maqui shared in her blog. ;) 

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  1. Looks yummy Peachy! Ano ba 'yan, nakakawalang gana na tuloy mag-diet-diet, hmpft! :)


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