[SG part deux 2013 : UNIVERSAL STUDIOS]

Universal Studios Singapore was one of the 2 places we looked forward to seeing when we planned our trip to the Lion City.  Here's how our day tour went.

We never expected it to be that crowded. :( The line going to Sentosa via the Sentosa Express & the cable car was so long that hubby decided to get off the line & take a cab. But the first cabbie we approached refused to take us there. 

Good thing there was an alternative way to go to Sentosa & that's through the Boardwalk.

It was a long, leisurely walk to the theme park. We enjoyed taking in the sights. 

Sentosa Island, seen from afar
cable car or ferry boat rides

Reaching the end of the boardwalk, we bought our tickets here. 

SG$ 74.00 per head (SG$ 73.00 for day pass, SG$ 1.00 for island admission).

After getting our tickets, we strolled further & passed through this glass & steel walkway.

I loved the pretty details on the ceiling! =)

Inside Sentosa.

directional billboard

The Singapore Visitor Centre.

Food joints & other retail shops can be found here.

We took a toilet break here in this food court.

The USS globe marker at the entrance where a lot of tourists have their photos taken.  

After seeing a lot of people making their way inside the theme park, I guess we did the right thing when we purchased our tickets at the island entrance. =) We were told it was a weekend holiday that time. 

We made use of this guide to get our way around the theme park.


walk of fame

Souvenir shop.

The BOOGIE SHOW with the Madagascar Characters.

Shrek's home


roller-coaster ride

We missed this ride as we couldn't afford the 2-hour long wait to get in.

We went in here to watch Steven Spielberg's show on special effects.

Souvenir shop.

We had cups of coffee, sodas & some pastries in this cafe before leaving the place.

One last photo at the main entrance with my girls. 

We dropped by CANDYLICIOUS - a one-stop candy & chocolate shop.

One last walk around Sentosa before finally calling it a day.

Our day in USS wasn't as enjoyable as our trip to HK Disneyland. The sizzling summer heat, the too-crowded park & the fact that  we didn't get inside most of the adult attractions made it not worth the trip. So, if you're thinking of visiting, it's best that you schedule your trip on off-peak months & only when the weather is cooler, not hot & humid.

8 Sentosa Gateway,
Sentosa Island, Singapore

***photo credits: KIRSTEN


  1. I lost weight when we had our trip to Singapore as there was a lot of walking :-)

    I enjoyed the cable ride.. awesome!

    But SG is an expensive city.. :-)

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by!

      Yes, SG is really an expensive city. Being an architect, I appreciated more our trip to the Marina Bay Sands area. :)


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