[app find : HAIR SALON 2]

Actually, it was my youngest who got me into doing this. ;)

Through this app she found on the App Store, she taught me how to do a model's hair, step-by-step :

from the 6, you pick a model

once you've picked 1

choose : curl or straighten
blow dry

spritz some color

cut it short

pick a pair of specs

& hairpiece

pick a photobooth backdrop

take that shot

After trying 1 out, I got hooked. ;) I experimented on the other models. And after two days of tweaking the options & getting the hang of it, here now are my 'hair masterpieces'...

Grab the TOCA hair salon 2 app now.

Have fun! =)


  1. great hair salon app.
    looking forword for another apps..


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  3. Oh what a cool app! Seems like so much fun! :)


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