[a BANAPPLE a day]

Jill had no classes last Friday.

So, it was another day-out for us, as we headed to our fave mall in Taguig. 

It was past 10 am when we left the house. We took off without taking our breakfast so we decided to have brunch instead. I wanted something light to eat & since I just started on a self-imposed salad diet, I took my daughter to Banapple to try their salads & sandwiches. 

Banapple is a country-style bakery cafe that is famous for their pies & cheesecakes.

I queued up at the counter to place our orders while Jill read up on Odyssey while waiting for me.

yellow & red dotted table;
quirky apple-shaped
number holder
'batibot' chairs &
rustic floor tiles 
 lights & air
3D tree

We both had tea. She, the homemade iced tea (Php 60.00), while I had the cinnamon-flavored hot tea (Php 60.00).

My INSALATA RUSTICO (Php 115.00) - fresh, mixed greens with piquant black olives, juicy sliced tomatoes, grated parmesan & toasted almond slivers, drizzled with a creamy garlic dressing.

Her MIGS GALLABERGHER (Php 160.00) - juicy & herby all-beef patty on mixed greens topped with a special garlic-sour cream-barbecue sauce & lots of sliced onions & blanketed by melted cheese & gooey mozzarella.

Even without us eating rice, the sandwich & the salad made us full. So, there was no room left for a slice of their yummy banoffee pie. We had to pass up on the dessert this time.

With its cozy interiors & nice food, Banapple sure is a nice place to meet up with friends or get on a light eating spree with your family. ;)

***BANAPPLE Pies & Cheesecakes
Katipunan (2 branches)
Tomas Morato
Ayala Triangle Gardens


  1. When we first ate there, nagRice kami even if Banapple is famous for their pies and cakes. In fairness, yummers din ang Rice with viand nila :)

    Meron din akong shot halos the same as the first photo, kakatuwa naman. :) Did u guys seat at the couch?

    1. Haven't tried the rice meals, em.
      Nope, we didnt sit on the couch, dun sa batibot chairs lang.

  2. One of my favorite restaurants :) I tried their rice meals and sulit!

  3. Yup super sulit their ribs and chicken parm. Ang dami ng servings! Even their pastas have big servings. :) Banoffee is good too.

  4. everyone loves banapple these days! i wish i can try that too!


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