So much has been heard (& seen) about the 'cronuts', a half-croissant, half-doughnut concocted by Chef Dominique Ansel. This hybrid pastry has taken the world by storm & versions of it have sprouted in various countries, including ours.

After seeing blog & IG posts of the cronuts, I started 'chasing after them' & looked for the places where they could be bought. This article led me to Dunkin' Donuts Cafe, just one of the eight establishments that sell the cronuts. Good thing there is a branch near where we live.

The first time we went there, I took home two pieces of  the strawberry cranberry variant.

Hubby & I however found it too sweet. We thought it must be the glaze, the strawberry & cream cheese sauces & the cranberry bits added as  toppings. But since there were three more variants to try, we went back one Sunday morning to buy them.

DDC is a nice place to get your caffeine & pastry fixes. The familiar orange-&-hot-pink color scheme with light & dark wood touches make it a cozy breakfast cafe.

Their cups of brewed coffee are to-die-for,

made sweeter & creamier with these.

Hubby & I ordered three pieces of doughnuts in sugar-raised & red velvet cream cheese flavors.

For take-away, I got these donut croissants at Php 75.00 a piece. 

apple cinnamon
choco bavarian
choco almond
Yumminess-overload & sweetness just right. ;)

We also took home & tried these, in flavors which remind you of cheesecakes or cupcakes.

blueberry cheese
red velvet & cream cheese

Want to get caught in the cronut craze, too? Just hie off to the nearest DDC branch nearest you. :)


  1. Will try choco bavarian and strawberry cranberry variant then :) thanks for the tip, mommy Peach.

    Nalungkot ako when Dunkin Donut closed sa mall na malapit sa amin. For me, since yun ang donut na nakasanayan na lasa, which brings a lot of childhood memories, too, mas masarap padin siya sa Krispy kreme, Go nuts Donuts and J.co. hehe. Just saying :)

    1. nothing beats the original. :) i loved it na meron ng cafe kse mas affordable ang coffee in DD compared to starbucks, cbtl, et al.

  2. I agree with Em! Iba pa din ang Dunkin Donuts :) Yun lang, the DD near our place doesn't have this yet. Sana soon :)


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