[double FRAPPES]

My trip to the grocery yielded me another make-at-home cafe beverage find. 

The frappe mix comes in a single flavor but you get to choose two toppings.

choco & mallows


cookies & cream

Making one is so easy!

pour coffee mix 
add cold water
stir then add ice 
sprinkle toppings

The girls & I tried them one Saturday morning.

I, for one, am a coffee drinker but after tasting this, I realized I am more into hot coffee than the cold one.

I found this not as refreshing as expected. =( The coffee was ok at first (though I would prefer a creamy mocha variant), but the ice cubes diluted the flavor altogether, leaving it bland. Plus, it had that 'aspartame' aftertaste, similar to sugar-free drinks.

I hope they come up with a better version of this frappe mix. Until then, I think I will settle for a hot cup of cappuccino or a glass of honey blended iced tea. ;)

***A sachet costs Php 7.00. 

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