[pairings with COOKIE BUTTER]

The 'phenomenal' Speculous cookie butter from Trader Joe's has finally invaded our home. Thanks to a high school bestie who gave a bottle for my family to try. =)

Cookie butter is like a distant cousin of peanut butter; you can smear it on toast, crackers, pretzels, apples or celery. But unlike peanut-butter which has actual peanuts, cookie butter is made of ground-up cookies and oil, making it a less nutritious foodstuff. However, its sweet-spicy flavor has made it an addictive indulgence for many. - source

My girls got all excited when they saw what I brought home that day. They first tried it on their pancakes, complete with whipped cream topping. I had mine daubed on a pair of warm bread. 

The taste didn't disappoint & it was definitely not overrated. I loved the creamy texture of the cookie bits.;)

From my last sandwich, the experiment continued as I looked for other food items to pair it with.

Happily, I discovered it goes well with cinnamon bread sticks,  

suman (a local delicacy made of glutinous rice),

& apple chunks & banana slices.

And the list goes on...

For those who have tried the cookie butter, what food pairings do you recommend? :) 


i would love to hear your thoughts about this post, :)