[parenting talk with FRANCIS KONG]

At a parents' assembly in Jill's school last Saturday, I had that rare chance to attend Francis Kong's parenting talk. 

Who doesn't know Francis Kong? He is a well-known, in-demand motivational speaker, best-selling author, business columnist, accomplished entrepreneur & radio broadcaster who conducts more than 300 trainings & seminars a year & is featured in major conventions & conferences here & abroad

That morning, we were really so lucky & blessed by his presence as he spoke about good & effective parenting. 

The multi-purpose room was jampacked. 

During the entire talk there was nary a 'dead air'. He had us all-ears & at times almost in stitches, laughing at his anecdotes.

We learned a lot from what he discussed. Here are some of them.
  • Married couples should never forget their marriage vows. Commitment is the key.
  • What you are as a parent, your children will be.
  • Children reflect the attitudes of the parents.
  • We should intentionally create a cheerful, positive home.
  • Parents make mistakes. But apologizing & admitting mistakes are not signs of weakness.
  • Teach your children the greatest commandment - to love God & neighbor.
  • Tune out your own thoughts so that you can tune in to your children's thoughts & opinions.
  • Let's be strict &  discipline our kids while they are still young. Build a strong foundation by instilling good values so we can loosen up a bit as they grow older.
  • Only rewarded actions are repeated. 
  • Teach & make them do chores at home but never reward them by giving money. If they want something, make them work for it. No to instant gratification.
  • Dinner time is family bonding time. Make it fun - no 'sermon' & down-talking your children at the dinner table. No gadgets, only pleasant conversations.
  • When talking to your children, follow the 90-10 rule, with 90% positive. Make them feel loved by you so that they will not seek others' company.
  • The best gift a father can give his children is to love their mother.
  • Parents should help their kids develop people skills & confidence.

After the talk, I bought two of his books to take home with me. 

From the book table,  I joined the rest of the parents who queued up for the book-signing. 

Of course, I can't miss taking a photo with him.

Such a nice man & the best part of it was, he got my name right. ;)

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