[home fair at THE LANDMARK]

I learned from a best friend that there's an on-going month-long home fair at The Landmark department store, both in Trinoma & Makati.  It started last August 1 & will end on September 2.

great selections on sale up to 50% off

So, last Saturday, I got hubby to drive us to its Makati branch to see what items were on sale. My two girls went along to 'window-shop'. Kirsten took care of the pictures for me. ;)

Look what I found! ;)

mini ceramic flower pots

a 'tv talk show' set ;)
(a pair of swivel chairs
with matching round table)

Chinese ceramic drum stool 

director's chairs

closet organizers

t&b accessories

place mats in pretty colors & prints

trivets, utensil holders,
bread boxes, cutlery storage boxes
- all in wood

dinnerware sets

cupcake stands in 2 sizes

baking paraphernalia

baking pans in various shapes

Catch the sale, three more weeks left. :)


  1. Landmark is one my favorite shopping places. Never ka mawawalan ng good buys dito :) Mabisita nga soon.

    1. Yes, happy shopping place ang Landmark! ;)


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