[CHINA on my mind]

I never took this trip but I WISH I did... ;)

Hubby went on a business trip to China with a colleague last weekend. Being the not-so-techie-nor-sentimental person that he is, he did not bring home captured images on cam.  Only these : 

Used train/bus tickets 

Leftover currencies

Stashed hotel room freebies

Since their schedule was tight, & being boys who are not really into shopping, he went home with nary a 'pasalubong' (homecoming treat) for us. His girls were disappointed.

So, the following day, we just headed to the duty-free store near the airport. Two to three hours later, our grocery cart was filled up, well almost, with these purchases :

Chocolates, grocery items & a SEGUE bag on sale for the wifey/mommy. ;)

CHINA on my mind. Next time, hopefully for us girls, it will be for real. ;)


  1. Are those chewy Chips Ahoy I spy? Yummy.

    1. Yes, my girls love them. They can finish a pack in one sitting, less than an hour. ;)


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