[find comfort in PHO HOA]

PHO HOA Vietnamese Noodle House, is a comfort food-stop for us. 

We love their flavorful, healthy, low-cal noodle soups (pho)  & fresh spring rolls. Their seafood noodle soup (pho do vien) garnished with fresh mint, cilantro (coriander leaves), basil, bean sprouts, lime wedges & sliced chili peppers plus the fresh spring rolls (in vegetarian or shrimp & pork variants) are what we usually order. But a couple of weekends ago, we tried these :

chicken noodle soup (pho ga) & beef brisket with rice
Although these were delicious, the seafood noodle soup will always be it for me, hands down.

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  1. Very timely Peachy. I just had pho hoa yesterday. :P


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