[too sweet CHOCOLATTE]

After the instant capuccino mix comes the latte-in-a-sachet.

Tried this upon my sister's suggestion.

But hubby & I found its sweetness overwhelms. We had to split the contents of one sachet to make two cups just so it tastes just right for us. We never had one again & just stuck to our regular brewed coffee concoction.

Oh well, what remains of the pack will be for guests who will come over for a visit. They might like theirs with a sweet chocolatey flavor... =)


  1. My husband and I love the Gold Leaf Hazelnut Latte. I got it from Landmark at P105.00 for a box with 10 sachets. Not too sweet, and it's super yummy.

  2. We'll try that next time. Thanks!

  3. Peachy! I tried emailing you the Seoul docs but my mail bounced back :-( Please shoot me an email at marsymummy@gmail.com and I'll reply back to you :-)

  4. didn't like it. i prefer kopiko koppiccino! try good day coffee too.


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