[killer wedges & a mullet skirt]

My girls & I were at THE RAMP store in Glorietta last weekend. Doing the usual rounds of "visual shopping", my eyes trained on a couple of  fashion items.


I asked my youngest daughter to put them on. Of course, she gamely did so but complained of not being able to stand & walk wearing them. Young as she is & for someone (just like me) who is not too keen on wearing sky-high shoes, I can relate.  Although it looks "fierce" when worn, until now, for the life of me, I don't get it why anyone would go this far in the name of fashion. Vanity, perhaps? Are there known injuries incurred by someone who spends most of her life in heels? Just curious & concerned...


Mullet skirts are sprouting everywhere. During the last PFW, almost all of the fashionistas donned them. Veering away from the usual mullet skirts made of flimsy fabric, this one stands out. I think it's denim, not sure because I never touched it. I just took a quick shot of this, did it on the sly. ;) I particularly like the printed fabric that peeks out. So nice!

The RAMP is one of our go-to places whenever we're in any of the malls that have it (try Glorietta, Trinoma & Edsa Shang). It's a one-stop shop for everything that breathes FASHION. Not all items are expensive if you just look hard enough. Patience as a virtue works well when you want to get something stylish at an affordable price. Sale season is a not-to-miss thing. 

Be updated on what's hot & on sale at The RAMP. Go here.


  1. Ah, mullet skirts pala ang tawag dun. I don't think I can ever pull those off. :)

    1. Me, too. Best for those with shapely, long legs. ;)


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