[like a HURRICANE]

Our balcony makeover is still on the drawing board. Last time I blogged about this, the things on my to-do list for this project ran like this:
  • Clean the area (floor, railings, walls & poly-carbonate roofing)
  • Buy those plants (more of the bamboo or reed-type variety)
  • Buy tabletop accessories (a hurricane lamp, placemat or runner, other knick-knacks)
Lady Luck smiled at me last weekend as I was able to buy that hurricane lamp I've been meaning to get. I found it at the home section of Landmark, Makati. 

price tag :  Php 329.75

This was singled out from shelves of lamps on display.

I decided on getting it out of the many because it's in keeping with the look I want & it jibes with the style of our house - one with simple, clean lines.

Now, if only I can get busy hubby to help with the cleaning  & then tag along with me to finally get the remaining things on my list crossed out for good... ;)

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  1. I also in the planning stage in creating a small patio in our house, your shared posts about this project will surely be of help, coming from an architect I know it will really be very useful and helpful


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