[SUNDAY lunch]

The smell of chili garlic prawns coming from the kitchen wafts through the entire house. Hubby, the better cook between us, is busy concocting the dressing for the fern salad with salted duck eggs which I prepared. After a few minutes, they are placed in clear glass bowls.

It was potluck Sunday yesterday for our family. Once every month, usually on a Sunday, my siblings & I gather for lunch either at our house or my sister's. My mom & my sister cook most of the lunch fare. My brother & I just bring whatever food to share. Ours were the prawn & salad dishes, while my brother brought a couple of roasted chicken.

Amid the hustle & bustle of everyday life, nothing beats reconnecting & bonding with the family through shared meals & stories. Family, after all, is what matters most.


  1. True! Nothing beats a shared family time. It is always great to catch up with the people closest in our lives. Last Sunday, our pastor stressed that a person's first gift from God is a family.

  2. Hi caryl! Thanks for the comment & for dropping by!


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