[house on the move]

The hassles of hotel bookings, not to mention the expenses that go with it, make me want to go on vacation with my family & take the long drive to our chosen destination with this :


This is the PROTOHAUS, a timber frame or “stick built” house that was constructed over the summer of 2009 in the US. Emphasis was placed on sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics. It is fabricated primarily from recycled and reclaimed materials. The building process was overseen and assisted by S. C. Holley Construction. It is transportable. The house is built on a trailer bed rated to withstand 14,000 pounds. Separate fresh, grey, and black water systems are integrated into the design allowing for remote removal and disposal of waste. A solar and wind system power the house allowing it to be off grid. - Protohaus website

Hear Ann Holley explain the details of the structure in this video tour. She is the Alfred University MFA student who designed & built the Protohaus.

I wish something like this will be manufactured here but one with a Filipino flair - a modern nipa hut on wheels.

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