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I love looking through food blogs. I get attracted to the recipes & on how the final product or ordered food is presented & captured on cam. Food photography piques my interest but I have yet to read a blog that showcases picture-perfect food & easy-to-follow recipes  - until recently. 

Two weeks ago, I got an emailed invite from 50 Feasts about their August-slated food photography classes. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get in due to a technical know-how they require from enrollees. Anyway, I stumbled upon their blog PEPPER.ph, dubbed a Food Blog for the Artists, Misfits & Creatives. It's more than the usual type of food blog. The entries are well-written, witty even, & the food in focus is styled & photographed in a differently good way. 

Some sneak peeks... 

deep-fried cheesy tikoy
KAHLUA kori coffee
KOREAN beef stew
HAPPY LEMON rock salt & cheese
chorizo & egg salad
strawberry black forest
LUCKY ME miso butter corn ramen

Discover the blog here. And while you're at it, don't forget to visit their other related sites: PHOTOKITCHEN (a tiny food photography company in the Philippines that focuses on creating drool-worthy food photos) & 50FEASTS (the first and only food photography school in the Philippines). 

***PEPPER.ph won as one of the FRESHEST awardees in the recent TATT Awards 2012 for being the rookie or newbie who's on his/her way to rockin' the social media world

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  1. Wow, I would love to take this class. I suck at taking photos of food. :P


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