[looks SURPLUS not]

I am more of the t-shirt & jeans person. Rarely do I go for the dress, blouse & jeans or trousers attire unless there's  a PT or UAP meeting/seminar or party I have to go to. I bought these Philosophy t-shirts not in some high-end store but in SURPLUS SHOP. Yes, the store that let's you buy branded items at less the price simply because they are surplus or export overrun items. But I don't just buy anything there. The trick is still to hunt for something that is made a little better & doesn't scream 'surplus'. Like these simple scoop neck tees in plain white & dark brown, which I think would go well with that perfect pair of jeans or shorts.

I got them for a couple of hundred pesos each.


  1. Sounds like you got a sweet deal! :)

  2. i shop in surplus too. nothing like el cheapo finds!

    1. Yup, you just have to be selective sa mga items na kukunin mo-workmanship, design, total look. ;)


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