[a 5-inch KYLIE G]

No. She didn't buy this pair but I asked her to try them on just for the feel of it.

The RAJO KYLIE G in plush suede, beige + black.

Still on FASHION WEEK mode after watching the BENCH shows last Sunday. =)


  1. Love the layout of your blog! Kita ko agad lahat ng posts.. hihi :)
    OMG! I love the heels! Kaso naman goodluck sakin kung yan ang ipanghahabol ko sa makulit kong toddler.

  2. Hi Em! I just experimented on the dynamic views option ng blogspot. So far, it has generated multiple views in a day.;) Though I miss the previous layout, the one with the sofa. But I plan to go back to the former one, this time with add-ons na rin.

    Thanks for dropping by. =)

  3. The last time I experimented, muntik ng mawala ang buong blog ko. Heheh. Anyway, thanks for the tip. Will bug the hubby to do an experiment on his. Hahaha :)


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