[sale frenzy]

My girls & I left the house at 9am today to reach Megamall at the start of its mall hours. We thought we would be one of those early birds but nearing Tiendesitas, a bumper-to-bumper traffic scenario dampened our spirits. When I saw that traffic was moving at a snail pace, I thought out loud, hiding not my frustration - "All roads now lead to Megamall" because of these:

After going through the heavy traffic & full-parking situation in Megamall, we decided to head for another SM mall nearer our place. Good thing, a sale is also on, so I bought tops for my girls at half the price at BAYO.

I may have missed out on the Megamall sale today but since there are still a couple of days left, we might just take that chance again, this time with hubby/daddy in tow.

Lessons on shopping during sale-frenzy days:
  • leave home as early as 7am to avert the bad traffic & get a parking slot
  • better to commute & leave the house early too
  • if you can help it, say NO to the Megamall area during weekend sales especially if you're just passing thru; too stressful! =/
  • when browsing around, hold on to your bags; if possible bring a sling bag - pickpockets are caught in the frenzy, too
Despite the hassles, I know it won't bar shopaholics (like us) from going to the mall. Just remember to get only the good buys & always look after your belongings...

Good luck & happy shopping! =)

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