[when SUMMER is gone]

Disco Diva, DONNA SUMMER, succumbed to lung cancer on Thursday, May 17, 2012 in Florida. She was 63.

Best remembered for  her songs LAST DANCE & HOT STUFF , LaDonna Adrianne Gaines-Sudano was a multi-talented American singer-songwriter who rose to fame during the disco era of the 70's & 80's. She was a 5-time Grammy winner, the first artist to have 3 consecutive double albums reach number 1 in the US BILLBOARD chart & also charted 4 number-1 singles in the US within a 13-month period.

For those who were not yet around at the height of her popularity, here is DONNA with the classic LAST DANCE during a 1978 concert.

If the teens of today have their Katy Perry, back then, we had her. Thank you for the music. RIP, Donna.

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