[the mundane turned awesome]

Artists, photographers & those who are OC about neatness & organization would definitely get hooked on this website.

THINGS ORGANIZED NEATLY is curated by Indiana designer AUSTIN RADCLIFFE. He assembles ordinary items, arranges them in such put-together fashion that in the end they come out as nice artworks. Each entry is a feast for the eyes. 

a calligrapher's tools
electric fan parts
a dozen quail eggs
IKEA items
shattered dishes
plastic combs, toothbrushes, mirror 
river stones & ball of yarn

an igloo of books
dried rose petals


  1. oh my goodness! some of the art are jaw-dropping! so much attention to detail! i especially love the electric fan parts, shattered glass and igloo of books. amazeballs!

  2. a great outlet for artistic OC peeps. sikat etong blog na ito. ;)


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